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Havana Cuba at Night


Havana Hotels 

There are many top 4&5 star hotels located all over Havana. Prices range from a low of $40 USD to $1,000 per night for a suite at the hotel Nacional de Cuba. All inclusive packages are available as well as a la carte depending on your preference.

Havana Car Rentals

If you have to rent a car in Cuba remember a few simple things. first car rentals are very expensive and dangerous to drive in Havana. Its due to the poor road conditions. poor signage, lack of experience drivers and most important is that if you are in an accident the Cuban government may keep you in Cuba for months while they conduct an investigation. This turns a great holiday to Cuba into a living nightmare so best to take taxis if and whenever possible. Remember whenever in doubt call the police and your embassy as quickly as possible.
English: The Hotel Inglaterra in Havana, Cuba
English: The Hotel Inglaterra in Havana, Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Havana Cuba Area Codes

Call to and from Cuba  are very expensive and can reach $7 USD per minute to some countries so be very careful when it comes to long distance calls. Always ask how much the call will be per minute before you dial the numbers.Cell phone is # 05 and land lines are 7 followed by the number

Havana Business Hours

Cuba in general has no set rules for setting up meetings. The main point to remember is that the meeting is all about your relationship & credibility with your Cuban Partner. They have to Trust you which is very hard for Cubans when it comes to business as well as pleasure.  If you get a opportunity to talk with anyone that has done business with Cuba they will advise you to run as fast as you can and do not trust the Cubans in Business because in the end they will get you money and there are no rules for you to recoup you investment. Most businesses and banks are open Monday through Friday  9-5.  Shopping and malls, especially those that cater to tourists,  are almost always open till at least 9pm even on Saturday and Sunday.

Cuba Drinking Laws

 There are no drinking laws in Cuba. Only law is if yu are drunk and get caught in any sort of crime or illegal activity even a small traffic accident then you go straight to jail while Cuban authorities conduct a "Cuban Investigation" which may take months. Cuba has no firm or clear liquor laws. Beer, wine, and liquor are served at most restaurants, shopping malls, gift shops and hard-currency stores. Drinking while intoxicated is illegal and will get you thrown in jail. In short you can drink as much as you want, get drunk but don't get into trouble.

Electricity In Cuba

Havana hotels and private homes all use a 110-volt current with standard U.S.-style two- or three-prong outlets. Current converters are available in all hotels for European tourist

Foreign Embassies & Consulates In Havana Cuba

 All major consulates and embassies are in Havana. USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, England and Canada also have other locations in Cuba. Canadian Embassy is at Calle 30 no. 518, at the corner of Avenida 7, Miramar (tel. 7/204-2516; fax 7/204-2044; http://havana.gc.ca). 

The Consulate of Canada is at Hotel Atlantico, Suite 1, Guardalavaca (tel. 24/430-320; fax 24/430-321; honcongvaca@canada.com); and at Calle 13, corner of Avenida 1 and Camino del Mar, Varadero (tel. 45/61-2078; fax 45/66-7395

The embassy of the United Kingdom is at Calle 34 no. 704, between Avenida 7 and 17, Miramar (tel. 7/214-2200; fax 7/214-2218; www.britishembassy.gov.uk/cuba).

American Embassy in Cuba

 In Cuba the American government does not officially have  an embassy nor a consulate. The US Embassy is officially called the United States Interests Section and is located next to the Malecon at  Calle Calzada between Calle L and M, Vedado (tel. 7/833-3551; http://havana.usinterestsection.gov, is the official U.S. government office in Cuba. There is no Australian embassy in Cuba. The Canadian embassy will assist.

Havana Customs

 Flying to Havana is very easy from most countries. Once you arrive you will have to clean Cuban customs. It wont be a problem becasue Cubans in Havana are very friendly, open, and physically passionate and expressive people. They enjoy to talk with tourist and never use the formal terms in Spanish.  Warning to be leery that many Cubans want to talk with you as a tourist for economic gain in one form or another. Jineteros, or street jockeys, are a way of life in Cuba for getting a good restaurant or hotel or a women companion that is for enjoyment in exchange for for money, gifts and a good night on the town.

Havana Attire

How to dress in Havana is usually very casual and informal, due to the Cuban culture and economic times faced by the Cubans. Suits are rarely worn for only weddings and official governmental meetings, although a simple, light, short-sleeved guayabera, are the standard for most formal of
Language in Cuba-- Spanish is the official language of Cuba. English very popular and is spoken at all tourist hotels and most restaurants and Cuban attractions. Once yuou venture outside of Havana into thre countryside English is not widely spoken.

Havana Laundromats 

Cuba dry cleaners and laundromats are located in Havana and will usually be full service or self-serve . They are rare , hard to find and expensive. Best to ask your hotel for their laundry services, which are expensive. Best option is to ask a private house to do your laundry for you for $5 they will wash, dry & press all your laundry.

Havana Legal Aid

 If case you need legal help call your embassy immediately. You never know in Cuba what is going to happen when it comes to their very shaky legal system so be over precautions and make the call for legal advise quickly. All embassies have round-the-clock emergency numbers. Call Asistur  emergency numbers: tel. 7/866-8521, tel. 7/866-8339, and tel. 7/866-4920.

Havana Lost & Found 

Lost in Cuba is Yes, and found in Cuba is NO! There is no such thing as "found" in Cuba! If you loose something you can be sure you wont be seeing that again.
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