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Havana,or La Habana as the Cubans call their capital of 2.5 million people, is one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Havana Cuba Feelings is a collage of old Cuban film footage, Cuban photos, statements from Cuban personalities from Cuba's world of entertainment, Latin Art and culture, as well as shots of today's modern Havana. It's a glittering portrait of a city in its golden years. Havana. An air of transience shrouds the moods of Havana city, whose lethargic rhythm of life only serves to accentuate the ravages of time. Havana's dilapidated charm has become fashionable. Its old splendor is being restored. For all those who hope to find here what may have been lost forever elsewhere - The feeling of a bygone era.

Havana Cuba, an old man who, for decades, had his finger on the pulse of the city: chronicles of the Cuban way of life and friend of the Lost Cuban bohemians. As a Cuban young man is always writing stories about this exotic mysterious city. His articles and reports now cast light upon a world consigned to the past since the triumph of Fidel Castro's revolution. In the early thirties many Cubans came from the countryside to the Cuban metropolis. Since then they have been writing about everyone and everything in the city. "You can't talk about Havana at that time without mentioning the friendly Cuban people." They saw the old Havana city as it became transformed, as it turned into a throbbing metropolis. The cityscape kept changing along with the style of the times. The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie behind facades where the most diverse styles mingled, coating the city with Cuban patina.

Know the real facts of the city of Havana, its people from the present and its past; Cuban singers, actors, composers, journalists,& sexy Cuban dancers. We also learn about Havana's turbulent history and fascinating culture and amazing architecture.

The old city of Old Havana or Havana Veja thrives on its folksy original characters. The eccentrics are now one of Cuba's top tourist attraction. They personify - and sell - Cuban flair.

One of Havana's most famous visitors was Ernest Hemingway. He always turned up with him in the right place at the right time to provide the press with little stories about nights in Havana.

Hemingway left a special memento to his local Cuban bar Floridita. With the master barkeeper, he created the world famous Daiquiri Hemingway Special, the legendary papa Hemingway double. Both the master and the drink have been immortalized in his novel Islands in the Stream. It was intended as a gathering of friends. A party for Hemingway, who won the Nobel Prize with his Cuban theme. On this day, the American author surprised those present with an unusually emotional gesture. After the meal he climbed up onto the platform and handed his Nobel Prize medal to Fernando Campoamor - who in turn donated it to the patron saint of Cuba, the Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre near Santiago de Cuba. With this gesture, as far as the Fidel was concerned, Hemingway had finally become a Cuban.
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Cuba Havana Video.
Havana Travel the streets of modern day Havana. Its like going back into a time capsule into one of the most exciting cities in the modern world. Witness how Cubans celebrate their daughter's coming-of-age while enjoying the Havana high life at a tobacco festival fashion show with catwalk model and soap opera star Yoandra Suarez.



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