Thursday, March 19, 2009


Beautiful Havana Cuba!
Havana is the smallest of the 14 Cuban provinces, Havana is also the most populated and exciting. This is the perfect Cuban destination if you’re looking for a little bit of everything on your vacation.
This exciting city has always been known for its wild nightlife and hot Latin live music. The beauty of Historical Havana is that you can catch a brilliant masterpiece on any given night in almost any random club. Walk around in Revolution Square where there are an infinite amount of options for excellent jazz, salsa, samba music and even classical.

Just outside of the city, in Varadero, you’ll have several beautiful beaches to choose from off the Havana Coast. There are plenty of options for Hotels in the area too. Rent a car so you can explore many outstanding mountains and tropical forests that are nearby as well. The mountains of Sierra de Trinidad and the El Nicho beautiful waterfalls should not be missed. The city of Havana, as the rest of Cuba is charming for its authentic Cuban atmosphere, unspoiled by the modern world. Havana and the surrounding areas will enchant you.

The distinctive aroma of a good Cuban cigar, watching antique automobiles drive by and hearing the rumblings of beautiful music seep into the throbbing streets are unique cultural experiences to exciting Havana City, so jump on the first flight and come on down to Beautiful Havana Cuba and enjoy!



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